ATF wait time updates

Approval times are still painstakingly slow. I am receiving Forms that were submitted in late June of 2016. So that’s around 10 months! Very irritating for sure. I appreciate everyone’s patience, as you know, it’s completely out of my hands. If your purchase was a Silencer Shop “Buy-It-Local” purchase, they tend to take about 1-2 months LONGER due to how the paperwork is handled via email and snail mail. That also is out of my hands, unfortunately. As always, when I receive your approved form, I will contact you immediately! There are still great deals going on, several manufacturers are offering $200 credits toward merchandise, which is great. This, obviously, is to entice customers NOT to wait on the Hearing Protection Act. That is a whole other conversation. Bottom line, if you want a suppressor, don’t wait. You’ll be waiting a long time. Check out this link from Silencer Shop to get an idea of industry wait times. I will call you IMMEDIATELY when I get form approvals in the mail. Suppressor interest is still going strong! Give us a shout and find out how we can improve your arsenal! – Ryan