ATF Wait Times

Hello everyone! Approval times are still painstakingly slow. I am receiving Forms that were submitted in December of 2016. So that’s around 12 months, which I’d agree, is ridiculous. Individual applications are taking slightly less time than Trust applications, but I wouldn’t say significant amounts of savings. Trust benefits still outweigh the time in my opinion. My Form 3’s are getting approved next day, so if I don’t have it in stock, we can order it and it won’t add much time to the process. I appreciate everyone’s patience, as you know, it’s completely out of my hands. If your purchase was a Silencer Shop “Buy-It-Local” purchase, they tend to take about 1-2 months LONGER due to how the paperwork is handled via email and US Mail. That also is out of my hands, unfortunately. As always, when I receive your approved form, I will contact you immediately!

Check out this link from Silencer Shop to get an idea of industry wait times. I will call you IMMEDIATELY when I get form approvals in the mail. Everyone wants a suppressor, just not everyone wants to deal with the paperwork and wait times! That’s what we’re here for though, give us a shout and find out how we can help! – Ryan