Suppressors are probably the best addition to a firearm collection a person can buy. They are absolutely legal in 41 states as of 2016, are extremely practical and make shooting a lot more fun. I can assure you, once you’ve fired your weapon with a suppressor, you won’t want to shoot it again without!

Don’t believe what you might have been told or read in the past. There is nothing illegal or difficult about owning a suppressor. It is a simple process of paperwork and what is called an SOT. That is a Special Occupational Tax that is paid directly to the government for your approval to own an item that falls under the National Firearms Act, that is, the NFA. These are items such as suppressors, short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns.

Wait times for Form 4 approvals are taking a little over 6 months as of August 2016. I can only expect wait times to increase given the popularity of suppressors in 2015, the highest sales year on record.

Click here for paperwork requirements for your suppressor purchase! It’s not as hard as you might think!

Below you’ll find links to some of our favorite manufacturers of suppressors that we’ve worked with. If you have something else in mind, please contact us as we most likely can accommodate the brand that you’re looking for!

AAC   Dead Air   Daniel Defense   GemTech   

Griffin Armament   Innovative Arms   Knights Armament   Liberty   

Mack Brothers   Rebel Silencers   Ruger      Rugged Suppressors   

Sig Sauer   SilencerCo"   Spikes   Surefire   

Thompson Machine   Thunderbeast   Witt Machine   YHM